Mrs. English's Favorite Links

These links are for parents:

American Orff-Schulwerk Association - Find out more about Orff Schulwerk and the American Orff-Schulwerk Association

Gwinnett County Public Schools - You can find parent news, calendars, and more here

Children's Music Workshop - Lots of information on music education resources, advocacy, brain research, and much more

Music Advocacy's Top Ten - Great reasons that music is essential for all students!

VH1 Save the Music - How you can get involved in music advocacy, music research information, and tools for parents

Music on the Brain - An article from Harvard University about the "biology of music"

PBS Jazz - This site compliments Ken Burns' famous Jazz series. There is a section for kids that you can go to with your kids.

The National Association for Music Education - learn about the National Standards for Music Education and how you can support music in our schools.

American Music Conference - a site promoting music making and music education. There are some very interesting articles for parents. This is also the organization that hosts the 100 Best Communities for Music Education list. Check it out - Gwinnett County is on the list this year!

Music Advocacy Articles - sponsored by the Children's Music Workshop, there are several interesting articles about the value of music in a child's life.

Support Music - see what you can do to support the music programs in your community. There are also lots of links to music organizations around the country.

These links are for kids:

I have visited all of these sites and feel comfortable that they are appropriate. However, parents should monitor their child's internet usage to insure that no inappropriate material is downloaded or seen. As often as the web changes, there is always a possibility that something inappropriate will pop up. Please use your parental discretion in visiting these sites.

The Science of Music - Play with sounds, build your own body percussion pattern, discover why sounds work the way the do. This site is sponsored by the National Science Foundation.

Nat Geo Music - Explore musical genres (kinds of music) from all over the world.

Pattern Game - Math and music are very connected. This game lets you see and hear the cool patterns that you create!

Music Games- The kids' site from the New York Philharmonic…it is loads of fun! Loads of fun music games for you to play!

San Francisco Syphony Orchestra Kid's Site - Learn about the orchestra, play in the music lab, and learn what's going on with the SFO. Very fun!

Classics for Kids - A fun site to listen to music, learn about music and composers, and listen to cool radio show

Fun Music Activities - Learn how to make cool homemade instruments! There are lots of other fun music activities here too.

Musical Instrument Glossary- You can search this glossary for folk instruments from around the world. Want to find an instrument from your culture? This is the site!

The Musical Brain - A science site for older kids that explains how your ears and brain hear music. Very interesting!

Sing-Along Songs (Midis and Lyrics) - Sing-Along MIDI files and lyrics provided by the National Institute of Environmental Health Sciences.

Creating Music - this site lets you compose your own music and play fun music games.

Math and Music - These subjects are much more alike than you might think! Check out this site, take a few quizzes, and see how much math you are learning in music!

PBS Kid's Jazz - If you've enjoyed listening to jazz in music class, like to improvise, or just want to learn more about jazz, check this out!

Mama Lisa's World - a collection of children's songs and nursery rhymes from around the world.